It’s that time…packing list, packing list, packing list!

Bailey and I are both big planners. Every trip or vacation we’ve ever taken we have both made fairly extensive packing lists. However, not quite as detailed as this one. Which isn’t a surprise, considering neither of us have ever moved across the country for almost five months.

 We spent quite a few hours scouring Disney College Program blogs and websites to find packing list as detailed as we wanted. 

That said, this is an extremely detailed list, and just because Bailey and I are practically carbon copies of each other and can use this list, you may have different needs! Like maybe you don’t need five to go coffee cups? 

Well here it is! 🙂 



The hardest item for me to narrow down were definitely dresses, I don’t even wear them that often, I just like having them. It took some dealing and compromising for us to come to bringing four dresses, which honestly, will still probably be too many. 

Additionally, Bailey and I are adding a +8-10 other items. Just in case we feel we need another few shirts, or if I really need to bring more dresses (though I don’t think I’ll let myself! 🙂 ) 

Well happy packing, friends! 




149 Days….

So we’re getting closer… officially less than 150 days!!!

We’re getting ready to finish up the school year and prepare more for DISNEY WORLD!!! I’m glad more than ever now that we have this opportunity to look forward to and time to spend together with my best friend. Until then, just counting the days and wishing upon stars. More updates soon!

Have a magical day!

Bailey (and Bayley)


We’re Going To Disney World!!!

Yes, yes, it is truly true! The Ba(I/y)leys are going to Disney World for four and half glorious months this fall! Why?, you ask… both of us got accepted into the Disney College Program!!!

The Disney College Program is an internship program where students live in Florida, learn at “Disney University”, and work at Walt Disney World for an entire semester. The program is a great resume builder as it’s an opportunity to work with one of the most successful companies globally, network, travel, and gain experience like no other. Along with that, we get to spend an entire semester at Disney World!

We’re looking forward to blogging, as well as vlogging throughout our journey. Right now, we might be a little bit slower at posting, but that’s because we’re living far apart. This summer the two of us will be reunited, and we should get a bit better. And of course we will try to constantly post while we are in the program.

So until next time, have a magical day!

Bailey and Bayley